Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Online Garden Planner

I found a gardening catalogue in my mailbox the other day, from Gardener's Supply Co., and took some time that night to brouse through it.  I actually saw some neat things to use in the garden.  I especially like their cages and trellises for vines - cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, etc.

In the catalogue, there is a note about an online tool that the company has to help you plan your garden.  It will tell you how many plants you need to plant per square foot of whatever vegetable you chose to plant.  After you have selected the size of your garden and you have "dragged" the vegetables into the squares within the grid, the planner will give you planting instructions for each vegetable plant.  I spent some time on it last night and printed it out today.  I did not plan my actual garden; I used the planner to determine how many plants of each type I can plant in each square foot.  I also wanted the short, basic planting instructions.  Here is the link to view my plans:

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