Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lemon Tree

James and I started the 2 lemon trees, seen in the background of this photo, when he was 6 years old.... He's 12 now, making these trees 6 years old.  The seeds come from an organic lemon I picked up from Whole Foods Market, and miraculously, they grew.  We have yet to see any flowers, but then again, I haven't really concerned myself with finding out how to properly care for them.  All that has changed, and I'm determined to get at least 1 lemon from them!

I learned in my WMMGA class that I was not properly pruning these lemon trees, and that a certain pyramid shape should be encouraged.  My trees didn't have the proper shape, so I had to prune back the top of one, which was top-heavy.  Also, as seen in the above picture, it could use some more branches.  I learned how to do what's called "notching" in one of my classes, so about 2 or 3 weeks ago I tried it on my trees.  I also bought some fertilizer called Citrus Tone to put around the plants.  Almost immediately, I saw new growth!

I'm still not seeing branches in the middle of the trunk, or the beginning of growth, but I will keep at it.  I have also been bringing the trees outside each day, so that hopefully they will get the air, heat, and sunshine they require.  And of course, if they ever get any blooms, they're going to need the bees!

Here are some useful links on notching:

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