Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Pepper Seedling

April 6
The saga continues.  I have one little pepper plant that just seems to want to survive.  I planted it tonight, in an old sour cream container with holes drilled in the bottom.  I followed the planting instructions from The New Seed Starters Handbook (Bubel).  She says to line the bottom of the container with 2 sheets of newspaper, to keep the soil from draining out of the container.  Then she says to line the bottom with an inch of moss - and wet it.  Then, moisten some potting soil and fill the container to within 1/2 an inch from the top. Then put the seedling in.

I chose a potting soil that has a slow-release fertilizer (Fafard). Now the pepper plant is sitting under the grow light in the basement.  I really hope it makes it....

Not a great picture.  I've been wondering if maybe I should have started the pepper seeds in wet paper towels.  Something to try next time.  I have new seeds growing.  Today is Day 7 and I see about 3 tiny sprouts.  I have put them under light, but I am keeping them on heat because most of them have not sprounted.  I did add some water, because the peat pots seemed so dry.  I put on my 10X magnifiers and discovered a little fuzz (fungus - already!!) on one of the seedlings.  I pushed it off with my finger.  The others look OK.

If these don't grow then I'll try the paper towel trick.  I'll keep trying!  I'm also going to  buy plants from the nursery if I have to.
4/19/13 - UPDATE
My little pepper plant is doing well!  It has it's first true leaves!  And all the new pepper plants planted in the plugs are also doing well and about to grow their first true leaves, too.  Hurray!
Update:  June 2, 2013 - One and a half months later.  This pepper plant made it!! 
It is planted in a container, sitting safely in the pool area where animals can't get to it.  I did find some aphids on it the other day... just a few.  I picked them off and I have been keeping a close eye on it.  I have to go to Florida for a week and am really nervous about not being able to watch my plants.

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