Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soil Test

I sent some soil samples to UMass on Thursday.  I did this last year as well; UMass sent back a report which I used when I planted my blueberry hedge.

This year, thanks to some guidance from the Western Massachusetts Master Gardener's Association, I sent several samples of soil to the lab - one for my perennial bed, one for my vegetable garden and fruit trees, and one for my blueberry hedge.

I dug about a cup of soil from different spots in each of the beds.  I put everything in plastic baggies, filled out the form to indicate the tests that I wanted ("basic" and "organic matter"), indicated what I am trying to grow, and sent it off (with a $37.00 check, for 4 tests and reports).

The only step that I didn't do was spread the soil out on a sheet and let it thoroughly dry.  I don't know how important this is - I'm hoping that it's not.

UMass Soil and Tissue Testing Lab -

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