Sunday, March 17, 2013

March - To Do List

  1. Send soil samples to UMass.  Take samples from perennial bed, vegetable gardens, orchard, blueberry hedge, apple trees and front gardens.  This can also be done in September; actually, it's better to do in the fall when the lab is less busy and well before anything is planted.
  2. Prune butterfly bushes, hydrangeas, forsythia, blueberry bushes, and apple trees.
  3. Purchase more self-watering containers.
  4. Clean tools (if they weren't cleaned in the fall)
  5. Start seeds indoors (see list)
  6. Start cool weather plants as soon as soil reaches ____ degrees, and as soon as soil can be worked.
  7. Clean out garden beds.
  8. Scatter flower seeds in perennial bed:  cleome, poppies, foxglove, snapdragon.
  9. Take pictures of everything!
  10. Clean out/organize shed, basement and garage.
Seeds - Indoors:
  • Peppers:  early March
  • Eggplant:  late March
  • Thyme:  late March
Seeds - Outdoors, direct sow:
  • Lettuce: early spring, succession planting
  • Spinach:  early spring
  • Kale: early spring
  • Green Onions: early spring
  • Foxglove:  late March, early April
  • Poppies:  late March, early April
  • Snapdragons:  late March, early April
  • Cleome:  late March Early April

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