Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Gardens at Clock Barn - Part 2

This post is devoted to "The Walled Garden" of the Gardens at Clark Barn, which is located in Carlisle, Massachusetts.  As I mentioned in the previous post, the garden tour was listed on the Garden Conservancy's website, and I am always amazed when I see other people's gardens.

 In my opinion, "The Walled Garden" is the most spectacular garden at Clock Barn.  It is as large as most people's entire back yards, and you can't see how spectacular it is until you actually step inside.  The more dramatic entrance is opposite the greenhouse where there are two reflecting pools - I included a picture of this in my previous post.

Surrounding the garden, there are three walls of stone - one overlooks the greenhouse, one overlooks the drying shed, and one overlooks the house (again picture in previous post).  The fourth wall is actually a long grape arbor, which was heavy with grapes.

The beds within the garden are filled with most healthy, beautiful herbs - annual and perennial. There are also dozens of terra cotta pots filled with tall, healthy rosemary shrubs - not just in the Walled Garden, but throughout the property.  The plants are huge and thriving.  I overheard one of the visitors remark that such beautiful plants are a result of the soil, a reminder that it is absolutely critical to build up our soil if we want beautiful plants.

Also, throughout the garden, interspersed among the herbs, were lovely flowers:  asters, dahlias, black-eyed Susans, and salvia.  All of these are great cutting flowers.

And finally, there are some sculptures in the Walled Garden - one of a metal globe in the center of the garden, where all main paths meet.  Also, a metal dress tucked away in a corner of the garden, under a tree.  There are unique sculptures made of various materials throughout the gardens - made from old branches, metal, clay, etc.  They add even more interest to already fascinating gardens.

What a beautiful garden!  One of the things I appreciated most about the garden, besides the variety and choice of plants, was the way that the plants are arranged in the garden.  It was delightful to see bright dahlias springing up in the midst of the herbs, but it was equally delightful to see certain plants growing along side each other, where their textures and colors were such a striking contrast.

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