Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gardens at Clock Barn—Home of Maureen & Mike Ruettgers - Part 1

Last summer, I discovered a wonderful website called The Garden Conservancy, which is an organization devoted to "saving and sharing outstanding American gardens".  Nanhui and I were able to visit the Black Barn Garden last summer, and the photos of that tour are here.

I found myself totally free last Sunday, and since I had not been able to squeeze in any garden tours this summer, I decided that this was my last chance to do so.  The Gardens of Clock Barn are located in Carlisle, Massachusetts, which is a bit of a ride from where I live, but let me tell you, it was well worth the trip.

Unfortunately, the day was overcast, and my photos make the place look a little "gloomy" - at least that's what my boss said.  Honestly, I think the reason is because I use an iPhone to take pictures. The camera seems to have photographed the humidity, if that's possible.  My pictures really don't do this place justice. The good news is that it didn't rain at all - something they were actually hoping for since that area of the state is suffering from extreme drought.  You would never know it though, by looking at all the lush plants growing there.

I am going to post my photos from this wonderful place for the next few weeks.  Today, I tried to upload photos that give a general idea of the layout of the Gardens of Clock Barn:  the Clock Barn, the 1700's house, the green house and pool, and various gardens.  I will devote the next post entirely to the Walled Garden - it is absolutely spectacular.  I will also give a little history of the place and about the couple who own the property, Maureen and Mike Ruettgers.

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