Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Connecticut Flower and Garden Show

 I went to the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show in Hartford last weekend with Grace and Nanhui.  I had never been and wasn't sure what to expect, but usually, if it has anything to do with flowers, I'll probably enjoy myself.

The three of us wandered down aisle after aisle of colorful, creative "landscapes". There were also plenty of businesses displaying things for the yard and garden.  I was impressed with a lot of the garden furniture I found there. First, there was H & H Outdoor Accents, which sells some great benches. I was also enchanted by some chairs sold by the Vermont Cedar Chair Company. So fun and comfortable!  

I absolutely loved looking at the beautiful herbs and citrus trees that Ballek's Garden Center had on display.  I spoke with a woman who works there about lemon trees, since there was a beautiful lemon tree for sale.  I told her about my two seven-year old trees that I grew from seed and asked her how much longer I would have to wait before I would get some lemons.  She said SEVEN MORE! I wasn't expecting that answer.  I think I'll just buy one that will give me lemons this year. I'd also love to pick up one of their orange trees.  So beautiful. I also discovered that I can buy Virginia Bluebells there.  I may just have to go and check them out.

I found plenty of inspiration there.  I loved all the fun pots and decorations for the garden. Garden Girl - that's me! Also, the stone and log garden paths are very charming.

A final great discovery:  Connecticut's Historic Gardens.  The state boasts 14 distinctive sites.  I will definitely be checking some of these out this spring and summer.

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