Monday, September 2, 2013

Bridge of Flowers - Shelburne Falls

Yesterday morning I drove out to Shelburne Falls to volunteer at the Bridge of Flowers.  I had never been before, and have always wanted to visit. 
I was supposed to volunteer last month.  The weather was hard to predict, so the Master Gardener decided to cancel.  At the time I was disappointed, but now I'm glad I had to wait.  Now, the bridge is full of dahlias!

What a beautiful place!  So many people of all ages were out enjoying the flowers.  The garden runs along both sides of the bridge, with a walk through the middle.  This garden includes everything:  perennials, annuals, shrubs, vines and even trees!  I recognized most of the plants, but discovered a couple of new ones:  the "turtle-head plant" and the "obedient plant".  My favorites, of course, were the dahlias.  It seems many others admired them as well, as there were several questions about how to over-winter them.

I also loved all the zinnias.  Everything looks very healthy:  my zinnias are growing vigorously, but there are spots on the leaves.  No spots on any of the leaves at the Bridge!  We discussed how it is that everything looks so healthy, and we decided that those who are in charge of the garden must have a spraying program.  Also, the plants enjoy plenty of air circulation.  I know my plants were pretty crowded this year.  Something to improve next year!

Having seen the bridge in late August, I now want to see it in early and late spring, and in mid-summer.  Thankfully, I can volunteer any time:

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