Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend - Journal Entry

These past 2 or 3 days have been cold and rainy.  Just a few minutes ago, I stepped outside to see how my plants are all doing.  What I saw was a little discouraging.

First, I went over to see my basil plants.  I noticed one of the seedlings had been eaten a couple of days ago, and then last night I discovered another plant was missing.   I suspect rabbits.  So, last night I put some clear plastic covers over the plants.  I have 4 basil plants left.  Yikes!  I plan on growing more seed, but I'm going to have to put some sort of protective cage around them.

Next, I walked over to my vegetable garden, half planted.  I had gone out last night to check the temperature of the soil and plants, because it was a very cold evening - 39 degrees.  As I was checking the temperature, I noticed that one of my eggplant seedlings had been ripped out of the ground and was just laying there.  When I went to replant it, I discovered the deep hoof impression that can only belong to a deer.  I hate deer.

So. I ran to the garage to grab a bottle of coyote urine that I bought to deter these pests.  One of my former instructors from WMMGA insists that it works, so I'm giving it a shot.  I soaked the cotton balls in the 3 vials that were provided with the urine and set them outside - one by the basil and 2 by the vegetable garden.  Because that didn't seem like enough, I dribbled more urine around the perimeter of the garden.

Today, as I inspected the garden, I can see that the plants are having a rough time.  The tomato plants actually look pretty good, but everything else looks a little battered.  Between the deer, rabbits, insects, cold, wind and rain, these little plants are having a rough beginning.

I'm just going to have to build a fence.  Eight feet high!!  It's not going to look great, but I don't care.  I'm tired of fighting these deer.  And coyote urine doesn't cut it.  After I came back in the house, I discovered that Shadow smelled disgusting!!! Apparently, he likes smell of coyote urine, and he managed to get it all over his fur.  Jamie had to sleep with him in the family room so that he wouldn't smell up the rest of the house, and then this morning gave him a bath.

On the positive side, the perennial garden looks beautiful!  There are a dozen plus alliums in bloom, and they look lovely with the small, yellow irises.  The taller, showier purple/yellow irises are also in bloom, and the purple midnight salvia looks magnificent.  Also in bloom are the pink geraniums, and the peonies, and white Japanese iris are about to bloom.  My new purple baptisia plant is also in bloom.

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