Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Notes - May 30, 2013

I didn't get too much done today, but I did take a few minutes this morning to inspect everything.  The first cucumber flower bud I spotted the other day is now open!

 I've been noticing that even though the mornings have been bright and sunny, my tomato plants are being shaded by the swinging tree.  Jamie and I have decided to take the tree down in the fall, because it's old and it's leaning toward the house.  Since storms have felled so many trees over the last two years, we're not going to take any chances with this one.  This will allow the sun to shine on the whole garden next year.

I thought the mint that I had planted last year was crowding out my rose bush and the oregano that grows around it, so I pulled a whole bunch of it out the other day.  This morning I discovered that I actually pulled out a lot of the oregano.  I guess I didn't know it was oregano because it was so abundant this year.  I guess that's good  it means it's thriving.  The oregano looks like the mint, except that the mint has lines in its leaves.

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