Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Morning at the Testa Farm


Back in March, my friend Diane approached me at church because she had some eggs to give away.  I discovered that she and her husband raise their own chickens, and I asked her if I could go over and see them some time with James.  Thankfully, she said "yes", and James and I finally went over this morning. I had been waiting for warmer weather, and today was a glorious, summery day.

What a treat!  Dianne and her husband own 10 acres not too far from here, and they have quite a farm.  I loved it!  They have a beautiful perennial garden and herb garden near their house.  Dianne took us for a tour around the property.  First, we saw their little waterfall and brook.  James loved that, and took his sneakers off so he could dangle his feet in the water.

Nest, we saw their orchard.  They have apple, peach, pear, plum and cherry trees.  They have put up a 6-ft. high fence around the orchard to keep out the deer, which doesn't seem to be helping as much as they would like.

Next, we visited the chickens.  This was fun, and James asked if we could get chickens, too, some day.  I would love to, but what an undertaking.  We'd have to build a coop, for starters.

Finally, we took a look at the blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes. Some of their bushes are quite mature, others are small and young, like mine.

We were commenting that it's a lot of work, all this growing and gardening.  But we both agreed that we enjoy it immensely, plus we see the value in acquiring the skills and using our land to grow food.

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