Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Day of Yard Work, Hard Work

Today I set out the rest of my seedlings and mulched the front gardens.  Michael painted the rose trellises and I put them out today.  I had to string the rose canes to the trellis so they wouldn't fall.

I also put in my dahlia bulbs, zinnias and bachelor's button plants.  I'm very excited to see what they bring! 

Before I called it quits for the day, I dug up my remaining three basil plants and stuck them in a pot.  We're definitely putting up that fence in the fall!

I was very excited to see tiny yellow flowers on my cucumber plants!  Now, if I could just keep the pests away from everything...  And Shadow is turning out to be a major pest. He keeps trampling through my garden beds, as well as lying down in the cool dirt. The fence will have to keep him out, too!

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