Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April To-Do List

  • Begin working and amending the soil (if it needs it)
  • Add lime to the vegetable garden (it needs it this year)
  • Add elemental sulfur to blueberry hedge and other "acid-loving" shrubs (if needed)
  • Prune apple trees and other fruit trees BY FIRST WEEK!!!
  • Weigh down branches on fruit trees to encourage wider crotch angles
  • Prune rose bushes when forsythia blooms
  • Fertilize rose bushes before their leaves appear
  • Scatter seeds in perennial bed (poppy, foxglove, cleome)
  • Continue pruning bushes that need it - most should have been done in March!
  • Sow seeds indoors: 
Seeds, Indoors:
  • Cucumber : April 26 (Started on April 17th, transplanted April 28)
  • Tomatoes: April 12 - 19 (I started these on April 6th; by April 17, all have sprouted)
  • Marigolds -French, Snowball:  April 12 - 26 (April 17)
  • Marigolds - Yellow: (started April 25)
  • Dahlias (Potted on April 23)
  • Zinnias:  April 12 - 19 (Started on April 17th)
  • Basil:  (started April 25)
  • Cabbage:  (started April 25)
  • Cantaloupe: (started April 25)
  • Watermelon:  (started April 25)
  • Bachelor's Button:  (Started April 17)
Tubers, Indoors:
  • Bring out dahlia tubers and start indoors by mid-April
Update:  Today is May 6th and I still have 3 weeks before I put my plants in the garden.  When the time comes, I will determine whether I should have started any of these earlier or later.

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