Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Pepper Seeds Have Sprouted!

The seeds went in on March 18th, and I noticed my first sprouts last night, March 22nd.  These are the sweet peppers; no bell peppers had sprouted yet.  I checked them again tonight, and there are about a dozen sweet pepper sprouts, and one bell pepper sprout!  So, it didn't take 2 weeks to germinate, or even 10 days.  It took four and five days for each type of pepper to germinate, with the soil being between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

I switched from using plastic wrap as a cover to using a clear plastic garbage bag.  The garbage bag is so much easier to put on.  I have to keep spraying the soil because although the plastic is covering the tray, the water evaporates and the soil seems to dry out a little.  Tonight the soil seems damp, but I gave it a few sprays any way.  I hope I don't ruin the seeds.

Update:  Today is March 26th, a full 9 days after I planted the seeds.  Many of them have sprouted, but it seems that there are still many more that haven't.  Now I'm just trying to determine when to put them under the grow light.  I continue to lightly mist the soil, as it seems to dry out easily.  So worried about "damping off"!

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