Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Pruning

Today was sunny, windy and a little cold, but I took two hours to go outside and do some more pruning.  I thinned out the largest butterfly bush, I leveled a huge, thorny bush by the hemlock hedge, and I began tackling the huge job of cutting back the out-of-control burning bush/lilac shrub by our dining room window.  It's a big job, since it/they have grown so large.  I actually need to buy a saw to cut out some of the branches.  So, it is a work-in-progress.

Still have to do one blueberry bush, the spirea, lilac hedges, fruit trees, mock orange and forsythia.

This is what the butterfly bush looked like before I thinned it.

This is after... although I admit that it doesn't look like I thinned it much, but actually, I took a lot off!

The lilac/burning bush, in need of a major hair cut.

Still so much to do.  I still have to order a saw.  I could also use a better camera!

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