Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dahlias - my newest obsession! It used to be hydrangeas, then zinnias, now it's dahlias.  I think their colors and forms are exquisite!

I was never impressed by dahlias in the past.  I'd see them all over the Portuguese gardens in Ludlow, and they looked so awkward behind all the chain-link fences.  Not my cup of tea.

And then a saw some boxes of them displayed in local stores last spring and was impressed with their colors, so I picked some up.  I was very late getting everything in the ground last year, including these tubers.  I confess I just put them in the first empty space I could find that wouldn't interfere with anything else I had growing, so it's no surprise they didn't do too well.

I got two flowers in all.  But, those two flowers were spectacular!  So gorgeous that I couldn't stop looking at them.  I put them in tiny vases in my room so I could stare at them, and Janina said, "Mom, you're obsessed."  True.

I was pleasantly surprised when I dug up the tubers after the frost and found that they had multiplied!  I packed them away according to instructions I found online, and hopefully they have survived the winter.  They are in my Christmas closet in a box of peat moss.

Anyway, this stunner is called "Kogane Fubuki".  It has about a 4-inch bloom and it looks like a sunset - the center is bright yellow and it gradually fades out to a soft reddish pink on the outer petals.

I also purchased "Lucky Number" (pink), "Hawaii" (pink and yellow) "Otto's Thrill" (light pink) and "Fleurel" (white).  All these I purchased in 2012.

Well, of course I had to purchase a few more for 2013!

"Dot Com" - 2-inch purple pom pon
"Excentric" - 4-inch, yellow and pink
"Gerrie Hoek" - 5-inch, shell pink
"Parakeet" - 5-inch, soft yellow
"Snowflake" - 6-inch, white
"Amber Queen" - 2-inch bronze pom pon
"Tiny Treasure" - 1.5-inch white pom pon
"Peaches and Dreams" - 5-inch, peach and yellow (my big splurge)
"Little Scottie" - 2-inch yellow pom pon
"Fire Magic" - 6-inch, fuschia and mauve (my "free" gift from Swan Island Dahlias)

Their catalogue is gorgeous.  When I first got it, I spent a hole evening gazing at it, and then another evening choosing plants for next year!  Well, I'm just dreaming. 

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