Saturday, September 10, 2016


Zinnias used to be my favorite flower, before I became obsessed with dahlias.  However, this year the rabbits destroyed most of the dahlias -  but didn't go near the zinnias.  I found a list of plants that rabbits DO NOT eat, and zinnias made that list.  For that reason, and because they looked so beautiful this summer, they are right back up there with the dahlias.

My new favorite is "Queen Lime" (pictures 3,8, 11 and 12).  I took a million pictures, and kept a small bouquet next to my bed throughout the summer.  I also liked the regular, cut-and-come again type.  I also like the little tiny ones.

I bought my seeds from a few different places, but next year I think I'll stick with Johnny's and Burpee.  I bought the Queen Lime's from Johnny's.

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