Saturday, February 6, 2016

Winter 2016 - And Looking Ahead



Every fall I welcome the end of another gardening year because I need the rest.  Last summer, I really welcomed the end because my vegetable garden had gotten away from me.  Far, far away from me.  Once I have dug up my dahlias and boxed them up, I am DONE.
I worked part-time over the summer while I interviewed for full-time jobs, and then unexpectedly (happily) found a full-time job in September - my first time working full-time since I had my first child twenty-five years ago.  What an adjustment! For the first couple of months I wondered if I would be able to manage anything other than working and coming home to cook and clean (barely).
I decided that I am not going to grow all the vegetables that I've grown in the past.  There are plenty of farm stands here in Western Massachusetts.  I even contemplated giving many of my dahlia tubers away and just keeping ten.  Like I could limit myself to 10 dahlias.  I was just tired.
But God was very wise when He created the seasons because He knows all things need rest.  After the rest comes new life.  I felt that new life within me after the first dahlia catalogue appeared in my mailbox.  Suddenly, I found energy to spend hours and hours searching the internet in my quest to find the most stunning dahlias.
I did enjoy caring for my potted herbs over the winter.  They looked a little unhappy around Christmas, so I stuck them under my grow lights.  I also enjoyed growing this lovely red amaryllis bulb.  I've never grown these before.  I brought it to work when it first started growing, and my coworkers seemed to enjoy watching the flower open into this spectacular bloom.  Note to self:  get more than one bulb next year. 
I spent January ordering dahlia tubers, and the last couple of weeks choosing and ordering seeds.  I love this part of the season.  I'm growing mostly flowers this year.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be starting my lists:  list of  seeds, list of start dates, list of chores to do, list of things to buy, list of favorite sites, list of goals, list of mistakes, lists, lists, lists.


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog. Do you ever sell dahlia tubers? You have some beautiful varieties!

  2. Hi! No, I have never sold any yet - but I do give them away to friends and neighbors. Make sure you check back in the summer because I have picked out about 15-20 new varieties! Can't wait! Thanks for stopping by!