Monday, September 14, 2015

Dahlias and Other Flowers Throughout the House


 'Bahama Mama'

 'Hamari Accord' (l.) and 'Happy Day' (r.)


 'Freckle Face' with red zinnias


'Nordwieck's Glorie' with red zinnias

'Arabian Night' with green zinnias and hosta
'Star's Favorite' with white zinnias

'Hillcrest Kismet' with Russian Sage

'Hawaii' and 'Firepot' 

'Excentric' with Butterfly Bush
I've discovered that dahlias do best when paired with smaller, more delicate flowers like sage, hosta, verbena or butterfly bush.  Dahlias are so showy that they tend to clash with other flowers.  They need to be the center-of-attention, so they do well with smaller, more "humble" flowers.  When placed together in a vase, the little flowers tend to bring out the subtle colors in the dahlias.

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