Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dahlias From My Garden - July 2015


"Kogane Fubuke"

"Hamari Accord"

"Noordwijks Glorie"

"Ferncliff bliss"

"Arabian Night"
"Bahama Mama"

"Ferncliff Bliss"



"Ali Oop"

"Fire Pot"

"Hillcrest Kismet"

"Star's Favorite"


"Little Scottie"

"Gonzo Grape"

"Freckle Face" 

 Happy Day 

 Ted's Choice 

Raspberry Punch

Pink Phasia

Some of these dahlias are from previous seasons; I dug the tubers up after the frost and stored them over the winter.  Jamie gave me some of these dahlias this year for Valentines Day!  My favorites so far are "Bahama Mama", "Ferncliff Bliss", and "Hillcrest Kismet".
For those interested in growing and storing dahlias, please read this previous post:
For this interested in buying dahlia tubers, please check out my two favorite places:

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