Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Black Barn Farm - Richmond, Massachusetts





This past Sunday, a friend and I drove out to the Berkshires to tour the private garden of Matthew Larkin and Elaine Grant.  Quite by chance, I found out about the tour that morning while scrolling through Facebook, and someone had included a link to the Garden Conservancy.  Curious about all things "garden", I clicked on the link to find a treasure:  a long list of private garden tours throughout the states.  And Black Barn Farm just happened to be open to the public that day for a tour!
Black Barn Farm is perhaps the most unusual garden I have ever explored.  To be sure, it is lovely.  However, there is something about the farm that haunted me.  Perhaps it was all the macabre "touches" such as bones, sculptures, statues and carvings and dwellings.  The place certainly inspires.  I highly recommend checking out the links below:

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