Saturday, March 8, 2014

Garden Notes - March 8, 2014

I started my seeds on March 5: bell peppers, cabbage, chives, thyme, head lettuce (Romaine and Bibb), Rudbeckia, verbena, and ageratum.  It only took 2 days for the little, tiny plants to appear - all except the verbena, chives and peppers. 

Unfortunately, I left most of my purchased "greenhouses" in my shed, and I don't feel like trudging through the snow to get to them.  All of the plastic lettuce containers that I have been collecting have been coming in as handy replacements! I fill them up with the water-saturated peat moss plugs, sow the seeds and label the containers with a sharpie. Done. I put them on the heating mats and under the lights. After the seedlings appear, I simply cut off the lids.

I learned to put the pepper seeds in the little peat moss plugs to avoid "damping off". However, the plugs where I sowed chive seeds seems to have grown webby.  I'm not sure what that's all about.

Also, the verbena seeds need a little extra attention.  They require the heat mat during the day for warm temperatures and at night I have to move them so they can have cooler temps (60 degrees fahrenheit). They could take as many as 28 days to germinate.  I don't mind:

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