Sunday, June 9, 2013

Container Garden

After I set up the vegetable garden and finished planting all of my seeds, I worked on the container garden.  I bought a top-quality potting soil by Fafard (5 giant bags) and I pulled out every single pot I own  - in addition to the 4 new self-watering containers I bought at Target ($9.99 a piece).

I planted as many of the seedlings as I could before I just had to accept the fact that some would have to be thrown out.  I had too many tomato seedlings and cucumber seedlings.  Next year, I won't grow so many.

These photos were taken on June 2, and today is June 9th.  Already I can see that these plants have grown so much in one week!  I will have to post more pictures just to show the difference one week made!

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