Saturday, May 18, 2013

Farmers Market - Springfield

On May 7th, I worked at the Springfield Farmer's Market, located at Forest Park.  This time goes towards my 60 hours of service for WMMGA.

I had a very nice time.  I worked with my mentor, Nancy W., and we tested soil samples that people brought to us.  I got to spend some time wandering around, looking at all the food and plants.  There was one farm stand from Montague selling beautiful vegetable plants - different pepper plants and tomato plants, among other things.  I started feeling a little bad about my own plants here at home, because they are so tiny in comparison.  However, a young woman who works at the farm told me that all their plants are grown in greenhouses, so they get a nice head start.

I bought a bunch of goodies and vowed to bring James back the following week, except that it rained (I only want to go on the nice days).  I bought chocolate milk, strawberry-marguerita jam, orange marmalade, dilly beans, pickled asparagus, pickled mushrooms, and onion relish.  All from local farms, all delicious!

Town Farm Gardens - Brookfield, MA
The Crimson Lion - Westfield, MA
Smyth's Trinity Farm - Enfield, CT

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